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Dashboard Warning Lights for your Car

by | Feb 14, 2018 | ABS, Dashboard light, General Car Maintenance, Warning light








A red warning light on the dashboard usually indicates a serious car problem or a safety issue. A seat belt that is not buckled or if the hazard lights are safety issues. Those warning lights are simple to understand and will go off once you buckle the seatbelt or turn off your hazard lights. The more serious red warning lights should always be checked and corrected immediately. One warning light you should never ignore is your engine temperature light, which looks like a thermometer if it comes on your engine is overheating.

Different meanings for lights

An exclamation point in a circle glowing red could mean a major brake system failure and must be attended to immediately. Another red warning light you should never ignore is the oil pressure warning light, it looks like a little oil can. When the light comes on it is warning you that your engine’s oil pressure is low and you should check the cars oil levels immediately. Ignoring the oil pressure light can result in engine damage and possibly engine failure. Driving with a red warning light could cause further damage to your car causing you to break down and lead to expensive repairs. If you’re driving and a red warning light illuminates you should pull over in a safe place and consult your owner’s manual, you may need to have your vehicle towed. The same should also be done if you notice the light starting to blink.

What yellow lights mean

Some yellow warning lights indicate that a particular system needs to be serviced. Tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS warning light, looks like an exclamation point. This is in the center of parentheses. It will come one when the air pressure is low in one or more of your vehicles tires. Add air to your tires and it should go off. The most common yellow warning light is a check engine light. Although you can drive with a check engine light on, you should have the engine inspected as soon as possible. There are numerous reasons a check engine light will come on like a bad sensor or loose gas cap.


Do not keep driving if your check engine light is flashing. A flashing check engine light requires immediate attention. The warning is indicating a misfire in the engine. You should never drive a car with an engine that has a misfire. Doing so will cause damage to the catalytic converter. This is an expensive repair that can be avoided. By noticing an issue and having it repaired as soon as possible is the best. You can help improve the longevity and safety of your vehicle.