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How to Cool Down Your Car Quickly

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Cool, Efficient, General Car Maintenance, maintenance | 0 comments

coolIf you find your car parked under the sun on a blistering hot day, then knowing ways to cool down your car quickly can help you save time. Moreover, getting inside a scorching hot car can be detrimental to health. In some regions of the state, the temperatures can rise to incredibly high amounts, which can be the cause of heat strokes and other health concerns.

This is why, before you rush into a hot car, make sure the temperature inside is cool enough so that you do not burn yourself. Below are some methods that can help make the interior of your car less harmful so that you can enter and take off.

Open the Driver Door

Once you determine that your car is burning in heat from the inside and rushing inside is a bad idea, then you start cooling the car by first, opening the passenger side door and letting some of the warm air outside. Opening the door for a few seconds allows all the heat to exit away from the car. This will make it slightly better for you to enter the car.

Roll Down all of the Windows

Once you have sat down into the heated car, you should turn the switch on, and roll down all of the windows of the car. Moreover, if you have a sunroof, then you should open that too. The reason why you want to open all the windows and doors if possible is so that you can increase air circulation.

Turn on the Air

Once you have all the windows open, you have to make sure to turn the air on. By doing so, you can allow it to draw all the hot air outside that has been accumulating. After turning on the air on fan settings, it is time that you move over to the air conditioning. Make sure that you have your air conditioner on the lowest settings.

Start Driving the Car

Driving the car is actually an important step in cooling it down. It allows you to exit all of the heat away from your car as you drive around. It also maintains all of the cold air coming into the car. If your car does not have air conditioning, then this step can is something that you can quickly skip over.

Even if your car does have an air conditioner, driving is an important step because it allows the air conditioner to run more efficiently. This is because AC’s use gas to function, so when you drive the car, it allows you to boil up the engine, which allows you a smoother function of the air conditioner.

Once you finish driving around for a few minutes, you will notice the temperature inside your car to significantly drop. Following these steps will therefore, help you cool down your car in less than five minutes.