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Check the Tires on a Regular Basis to improve Safety

by | May 19, 2014 | Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Tire Repair

tire-repair-5One of the most important parts of the vehicle are the tires. This can help to provide you with a nice and comfortable ride when you travel. When the tires are in the best condition possible, it can help your vehicle to be more reliable and safer when you drive. When the tires are in the best condition, they can increase the performance of the vehicle. If you are unsure how often the vehicle should be brought in, contact us. We can help to advise you on a schedule that is beneficial for your vehicle. Also, it is recommended to inspect the tires before any long road trip you might take in the upcoming months. This can help improve the safety and comfort when you drive.

Inspect the condition of the Tires

The tires should be inspected regularly. Check the overall condition that the tires are in. They should be free of any cracks, bulges, or blisters. This can indicate if there is damage done to them. Also check for any object that might be imbedded into the tires. Pieces like nails, screws, or other sharp objects can puncture the tire. Over time, this will result in the tire leaking air. If you notice that a tire requires air to be added to it, there is a good indication the tire has a puncture mark in it. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tires for you. This can help to ensure the vehicle is as reliable as possible when you need to drive it. The tires should be inspected for any signs of dry rot. This occurs over age and miles of the vehicle. If you are unsure of the condition of the tires, make an appointment to bring the vehicle in. We can inspect the tires for you to ensure they are in the best condition possible.

Check the Air Pressure in all the Tires

The air pressure should be inspected regularly as well. Tires that are properly inflated can help to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Under inflated tires will cause the tread to wear incorrectly. They will also have a great chance of blowing out. Tires that are over inflated will have less contact with the surface of the road. This can then lead to a less comfortable ride when traveling. Over inflated tires will also be more prone to pick up sharp objects. To know how much air should be in the tires, consult the vehicle owner’s manual. This can help to ensure they are at the correct amount.

Do not forget about the Spare Tire

While inspecting the tires, also remember to check the spare tire. This is important because the spare tire will be needed if a regular tire blows out or becomes flat. The air pressure should be checked on the spare tire as well. The tread is another important part of the spare tire. If the spare tire is old and worn, consider investing in a new spare tire for your vehicle. This can help it to be as reliable as possible for if you have to drive on it.