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Maintain the Engine by checking the Condition of the Oil for your Vehicle

by | May 6, 2019 | Engine, maintenance, Noises, Oil Change



The oil for your vehicle should always be in the best condition possible. If it is thick and looks like sludge, make sure to have the oil flushed and changed. By having nice clean oil in the vehicle, the engine can operate efficiently. If the oil is thick with sludge or dirt, then the moving parts will start to wear against one another when the vehicle runs. This can lead to extra strain and stress on the parts as well. As these parts wear, then they will also need to be replaced sooner than they otherwise should.

Oil Change Schedule

Having the oil changed on a regular schedule is important to help keep your vehicle in the best overall condition. If you are not sure how often it should be changed, you can check in the owner’s manual or contact us. We can advise you on an oil change schedule that is best for your vehicle. Sometimes this can be determined by how many miles you drive and what type of roads you drive. We will be able to provide you with the best schedule needed for an oil change.

Engine Issues

Remember to be aware of anything odd with your vehicle, especially noise in the engine. If the dashboard warning light illuminates and does not turn off, make sure to contact us. Having it too low can do significant damage to the engine and other parts of your vehicle. You may notice issues if you hear grinding or screeching noises from under the hood. This can mean a serious problem and cause other parts to wear if you ignore it. Always make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can properly inspect it for you. That way if there is an issue, we can inspect and repair it as soon as possible for you.