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Changing the Air Filter in your Car

by | May 25, 2018 | Air filter, Auto Repair, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance

air filter


The air filter in your car is important to inspect. Car engines need an equal amount of fuel and clean air in order to run efficiently and smoothly. To make sure that your engine receives only the cleanest air and prevent damage from small dirt and particles, air filters for cars are installed.

Benefits of changing a filter

The first benefit that you can get from an air filter is a better airflow, compared to a standard paper filter. This is important since ordinary car air filters can accumulate dirt faster thus, restricting airflow and makes your engine work harder. If you choose a performance air filter over a standard paper filter, there may be a significant increase in your car’s gas mileage and horsepower. The structure of performance air filters, which trap dirt through its layers. Standard paper filters, on the other hand, capture dirt on the surface thus, restricting air flow and will require you to change it often. Most performance air filters are oiled and can be cleaned when needed. This eliminates the need to spend money on purchasing a new one.

Check to ensure it is not clogged

Air is mixed with fuel in the engine, and this increases the mileage. This is the distance that you can cover with a given amount of fuel. It is essential that you use air filters for cars that are in good working condition. This will ensure that the right amount of clean air gets in. If you use an old air filter, then the air getting it might not be enough because most likely, the filter will be clogged with dirt. This means that your car will consume more fuel.

How often you drive your vehicle

Depending on how much you drive your car, you can change air filters for cars eventually. If you hardly drive, then the air filter for your car is not likely to need a change soon. You will not change to a new one as often as someone who drives their car everyday. If you are not sure how often to have the filter changed, make sure to contact us. Then we can advise you on the schedule.