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Care of the Battery in the Winter

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Battery, Car Battery, Car care, Car Care Tips


Battery care is important, and especially in the winter. If your battery for the vehicle goes out and fails, you will have an unexpected breakdown. When this happens during the winter, you may have to worry about life threatening cold and weather. If you are not sure how often the battery should be inspected, make sure to contact us. We can set up a schedule for your vehicle, as well as the battery. This way we can test it, and inspect it for any signs of an issue.

Care of the Battery this Winter

Proper care of the battery should start with a visual inspection of it. Check it for any dirt or debris that might be on the battery. If it is dirty or has road grime, make sure to clean it off. Also remember to check the terminals of the battery. If they have rust or corrosion, make sure that they are cleaned off as well. When the terminals have corrosion, they will not have the proper connection to the rest of the car. This can cause the battery to not fully charge the car. You may notice issues with the battery if the vehicle is difficult or hard to start. Another sign is if your vehicle does not stay running. If it dies right after starting, it could be the battery causing the issue when it starts.


Also remember to check to make sure the battery is securely in place under the hood. If it is loose or jostles about, you can lose connection to the terminals as well. If you are not sure if the battery is secure, make an appointment. By bringing the vehicle in, we can inspect the battery and the connection for you. This will help you to have a better and safer driving experience while on the road this winter.