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Brake Repair Made Frugal with Ease

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Auto Repair, Brake Repair, General Car Maintenance, Tire Repair

In the weak economy, people are looking for ways to save money. Even with your diligence in general car maintenance and careful driving, you may still find yourself in need of an occasional auto repair. One repair that is frequently needed is brake repair. When you have your brakes done, the cost is usually driven by the amount of damage sustained. This means that the more damage that is done to the brakes, the more the repair will cost. Even if you have extreme damage, you can still find ways to minimize your expense.

Maintain your Tires

The easiest way to control auto repair costs is with regular maintenance. This will make your car last longer, perform better, and keep your safe on the road. You should regularly check your tires to make sure that you have adequate air pressure because too much or too little air can potentially cause an accident. You should also check the tire tread to make sure that it is wearing evenly. If your tires show an uneven wear pattern or appear to be worn only on one side, you probably need a tire rotation or wheel alignment done. You should never drive on tires that are bald, which means that they have little to no tread on them. The tread is to give you traction on the road and help you maintain control of the car. Tread-less tires can cause you to have an accident.

Check Your Brakes and Brake Pads

Your brakes and brake pads are the parts that help stop the car. The brake discs are large metal circles that are located behind the tires and the brake pads are the small parts that sit on top of the discs. The pads squeeze together against the disc to stop the car when you press on the brake pedal. You should make sure that the pads have enough cushion on them and that the discs do not have any gouges or deep lines in them. If the pads are too thin, they should be replaced and they will not cost a lot of money. If your discs are damaged, then you will have to pay more money. When you replace the discs, you should replace them in pairs. For instance, if you notice the back rear driver side disc is damaged, you should replace both rear brakes and not just the one. This will ensure your safety and help the brakes to wear more evenly.

Do Not Forget the Fluid

The brake system consists of more than just the brakes and brake pads. You should also check the brake line and make sure that you have adequate brake fluid. The brake fluid lubricates the system and provides a clean environment for the working and moving parts. You should periodically bleed your brakes to make sure that you get rid of any trapped air that may have gotten into the system. During the brake bleeding, you will also be replacing the old fluid with fresh to keep the system clean. If you do need brake repair done, be sure to not skimp on parts just to save some money. Buy the best parts you can afford so that they will last longer and have a lower chance of them malfunctioning. Regular maintenance is your best defense against high brake repair costs.