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Springtime Boat Trailer Inspection – What you need to know

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Boat trailer, Boat trailer inspection, Summer, Summer check list | 0 comments

boat trailerContrary to popular belief, a boat trailer isn’t a part of boats. However, it plays a massive role in the overall towing and boating experience. In most cases, boat owners tend to begin with a craft towed and stored on trailers. That said, any kind of trouble can lead to several issues when getting your boat out on the water.

The good news is that you can steer clear from problems like these simply by performing basic maintenance. Let us discuss a few tried and tested tips to make sure your boat trailer is ready for spring time:

  • Take advantage of wheel bearing protectors
  • Check the PSI levels of your tires
  • Inspect your tires for wear and tear
  • Clean the trailer brakes thoroughly
  • Lubricate the coupler of your trailer on a regular basis
  • Take a close look at the trailer lights whenever you hook it up
  • Get a professional to inspect your shoes and brake pads at regular intervals

3 of the Most Important things to Check in Your Boat Trailer


Trailer Brakes

In most cases, boat trailers come with brakes. As mentioned earlier, you must clean your brakes thoroughly to ensure your boat is ready for the water. Not doing so could cause corrosion and compromise your boat’s performance and looks. It would also help if your checked the trailer’s shoes or brake pads for wear and tear. Using the trailer too much can deteriorate its quality, resulting in performance issues. Consider getting a professional repair service to take care of this job as they will service the bearings and brakes together.

What’s more, the auto repair professionals will also inspect your boat for brake fluids to ensure there is a sufficient amount. For those who don’t know, low levels of fluid can damage your boat trailer in more ways than one, which is why it is important to address this issue right away.

Trailer Lights

Checking trailer lights is arguably the most critical part of your boat inspection checklist. You can start by checking the light connection for corrosion and other signs of damage. If you think there’s too much wear and tear, consider getting a replacement without wasting time. Fortunately, these replacements are easily available at most auto part stores.

Wheel Bearings

Faulty wheel bearings can cause massive trouble. These bearings can accumulate rust, especially because of water. If you boat trailer didn’t come with bearing protectors, consider getting them right away. These protectors have grease fittings to maintain pressure, making sure your trailer remains sturdy at all times.