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Avoiding Winter Roadside Emergencies by Having a Safety Kit

by | Jan 20, 2022 | winter, Winter care, Winter Driving Tips, Winter Weather Preparedness | 0 comments

avoiding winter

Avoiding winter emergencies is what everyone’s goal is. When driving your vehicle in the threatening and destructive cold conditions, it is crucial to be in possession of resources that help you face the worst circumstances, such as blizzards and snow storms. Keep in mind that while some resources may help you get out of a potentially bad situation, others are critical in helping you survive the situation while you wait for rescue. This refers to being stranded in the freezing cold weather.

Traction tools and Basic Resources

Traction tools help your vehicle get out of a sticky situation; and shovels can help you dig your way out of the snow. Similarly, jumpstart chargers can help you quickly jolt the battery so that you can be on your way again if the battery is unable to start the car.

However, in some situations, you can try everything and still find yourself stuck in the snowy and icy conditions. This is when you have no other option but to call for help and try to survive until someone gets to you. In these instances, resources such as hydration drinks, blankets and snacks become critical.

Resources of survival

When you are stranded in the freezing cold climate, the worst thing you can do is keep the car heater running and wait for someone to rescue you. Keeping the car started means that you are burning off essential fuel that you may need later.

Secondly, if the snow gets trapped inside your car’s exhaust, you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that can be fatal. This is why you need to instead be proactive in this situation. You also have to be very conservative with how you utilize the car’s heater, only putting it on for short amounts of time when necessary.

Resources such as flashlights, especially ones that have an emergency indication feature can be useful during the dark. Using them will provide you good visibility, which can be integral when navigating the area where you are stuck in.

Not to mention, since you will be shutting down the heater intermittently, extra pairs of layers such as jackets, wool caps, gloves and blankets will help compensate. Also make sure that your exhaust pipe is not jammed by the snow, and use a shovel to clear it if possible.

Avoiding Winter Emergencies

If you do not leave any space for the exhaust gasses to escape, then the toxic gasses will leak through other exits of your car. This can also involve your indoor air-vents.

As you can see, you have to prepare for the worst whenever you are winterizing your car. Without the basic winter kit, your commutes can turn disastrous without you even expecting it. This is why it is essential to always plan your routes, check weather forecasts, and more importantly, equip your car with winter essentials.