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by | Aug 20, 2020 | Air filter, Cabin Filter, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance | 0 comments

Cabin air filters should always be inspected. When is the last time you thought about replacing your cabin air filter? Probably, a long time ago! It’s one of those components of your car, which is at the bottom of your maintenance list. But that doesn’t make it any less important

You may know that the cabin air filters protect you from harmful pollutants that are present in the air. Did you also know that it helps your vehicle’s AC system to work properly even in the hottest of Summer days in Minnesota?

But what will happen if you don’t change your cabin air filters regularly? Let us explore how cabin air filters can cause a major load on your wallet if not replaced.

Defend Your AC System

A cabin air filter keeps your car clean and breathable. It filters out all the pollutants and debris which pass through the HVAC track. The filter also assists the AC or heater to work properly.

On the other hand, a clogged cabin air filter can cause damage to the ventilation and AC system. The consequence causes the engine to bear the burden of the AC system, which makes it work harder to keep the vehicle cool.

Cabin Air Filters help Mileage

Even though most car owners know that the running the Air Conditioner reduces their gas mileage of their vehicle. But, not many drivers know that they can boost the efficiency of their AC and increase fuel efficiency by replacing the cabin air filter.

A fully functional cabin air filter both enhances the quality of air which passes through the cabin of the vehicle as well as reducing the strain on your car’s engine, which leads to improved engine performance.

Save Money

As a vehicle owner, you know how much automobile maintenance can cost. Replacing your vehicle’s cabin air filter is a low-cost investment in your vehicle performance and your family’s safety.

All things considered; your cabin filter may not be the component that can stop your car during a long trip. However, it can surely cause you problems in the long run. So, why not consult a professional to look at it? D&D Auto works have the experience and expertise to keep your car running clean and efficient. The best part is that you can acquire these services right here in St Louis Park, MN.

So, keep your car clean and functional with D&D Autoworks!