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Adjust your Driving in the Winter

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Car Care Tips, Driving Habits, Driving on ice, winter


As winter continues on, so do the roads that are in less than ideal condition. After each snowstorm, or even just snow flurries, the snow will have to be pushed away. Sometimes this leads to high snow piles on the corners of streets, driveways, or intersections. Before you would be able to see both ways before driving across a street or intersection, now you will not. You will have impaired visibility because of the high snow piles. Make sure to stop fully, and only inch out slowly. This will help you slowly increase the visibility incase someone is driving by faster than they should be. By slowing driving forward, you can reduce the chance of a collision.

Driving slowly

Slowing down should also be applied when you are driving on the roads. When the weather is less than ideal, then the roads will be as well. You will want to drive at a speed you are comfortable with. When there is precipitation in the air, slow down and do not use cruise control. Having cruise control can only increase the chance of an accident occurring if the roads are slick or slippery. If you notice that you have to decrease the speed you are driving significantly, have the hazard or flashers on. This will help to alert others that you are going slower. It will allow them enough time to adjust their speed as well.


Always remember to drive with the lights on for your vehicle. This helps you to improve your visibility, as well as help others see where you are at. If there is an issue with the lights on your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. This will help to improve your safety when driving in poor weather or when it is dark out.