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4 Areas to Inspect on the Vehicle

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Auto Repair, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Safe Driving Tips











Going to regularly scheduled maintenances can help to ensure that the vehicle is working as well as possible. It also means it is working efficiently each and every time you drive. Keeping your vehicle well maintained can help prevent larger and more expensive issues in the future. It can also help prevent damage and unnecessary wear to parts of the vehicle. Between visits, make sure you are aware of any noises or issues your vehicle may be starting to show signs of. If you notice these, bring your vehicle in so we can inspect and fix it for you.


Windshield Wipers


The windshield wiper blades should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they can clean the windshield properly and effectively. It is also recommended that the wipers be replaced each fall. The wipers generally take more abuse in the fall and winter. This is because there is more road grime that may be splashed up on your windshield. It is also important to check and make sure the windshield washer fluid is topped off. When you will need to use it, the washer fluid will be full and able to help clean off the windshield.




While you may inspect the other tires regularly, the spare tire may be overlooked. Make sure that the spare tire is properly inflated. The correct amount can be found in the vehicle owner’s manual. The spare tire should also be free of any cuts, cracks, or bulges on the surface or sidewalls. By inspecting the spare tire over, you can help assure it will be ready for use, if and when you need it. Spare tires on trucks and SUV’s may be suspended underneath the vehicle on a cable. The cable should also be inspected to make sure it can work freely incase you need to access the spare tire. You can also bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the spare tire and the components to make sure they are working properly.




Many electrical issues that the vehicle may have could be coming from a poorly charged battery. Any ignition issues may be caused from a loose or corroded battery connection. When you inspect the battery, make sure it is clean from any corrosion or debris that may have stuck among the terminals. Make sure the posts are completely cleaned and that everything is connected securely.




The windshield washer fluid should be replaced with a solvent that is suited for use in cold weather. The other fluids in your vehicle should be inspected to make sure they are at the correct level according to the reservoirs. If you notice a fluid that is down to almost empty, or one that you have to refill frequently, it could be leaking somewhere. Make sure to bring your vehicle in so we can inspect and find the leak in the vehicle.